This week I taste four in honor of Sir. Churchills birthday. Things get a bit loose, I hope Sir. Winston would approve…


The Scotch Highballs doesn’t really fit the definition of a cocktail, it doesn’t include a sweetener or bitters or citrus by default. It’s nothing more than Scotch and Soda in truth, but cocktail or not, Scotch and Soda is a barroom staple, so I’ve got to talk about it.

Sir. Winston is one figure who loved a Scotch Highball. He was quite famous for them frankly all day long, certainly not a habit I’d want to encourage, however I thought the anniversary of his birth was a perfectly suitable excuse to talk talk about highballs. Huzzah!

So, in this episode of How to I make four Scotch Highballs and give tasting notes on each. It’s surprising how much the addition of a simple lemon twist can alter the flavor profile of all of these! If you’re interested in scotch, or whiskey, or just want to see me slowly get drunk on camera, get on in here!

Scotch Highball
2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Scotch
4 oz. -or- 120 ml. Soda
Optional lemon twist

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